People Performence Improvement

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People Performence Improvement
“Human performance changes the history of human civilization.”
The world is changing every day, and that requires you to think about the future and strive to improve yourself constantly to be successful in a fiercely competitive environment. Charles Handy once said: “The greatest excitement of the future is that we can shape it.”
So how will you develop a sense of foresight about where it needs to be heading? How will it create a meaningful vision and purpose in your life in order to achieve sustainable success? Why is searching for success always the most important issue in every human’s life? And also, how can you achieve success?
The answer, in three word: “Heart - Consciousness – Action”
Only those who have "Heart-Consciousness - Action" can change the history of human civilization.
Everybody desires to succeed in work and in life. No matter which era they are living in, whether they are luxurious or vile, or what their position is, people need to improve their personality and morality, considering it as one of the keys to sustainable success in work and life. The road to success therefore begins with a perception that success is a process of continuous training and learning over time. This is also the main theme of my first book – People Performance Improvement. It is hoped that this book will bring about an important change in the continuous improvement model for individuals, families and organizations in the process of world integration.
Plenty of people believe that success comes from one’s innate gifts and talents. Actually, such belief is not true, actually. Success is mainly the result of the efforts in the training process to build a habit of continuous improvement in order to enhance one’s performance for success.
 People Performance Improvement is the key to the door of success in work and in each individual's life. This book also provides readers with essential principles, methods and tools; success stories of great people in the world; quintessential East-West philosophies; and my own experiences since childhood as well as a number of researches to help you attain success with ease.
 Presented in a concise manner, the information in this book is synthesized from my research process and over 20-year experience in quality management training and education. I am also proud to be the first person, representing the Kaizen Institute in Vietnam, to share Japan's Kaizen philosophy with individuals as well as leaders and managers in organizations.
 Presently, with the book is already finished, I still think that I have to strive continuously for self-improvement throughout my life and dedication. Therefore, start to think that your future is from today.
Today is the time for you to read this book because you want to succeed in your career and in life. Reading will take you to your dream destination. If, for some reason, you are distracted by outside influences, put this book aside, and start reading again only when you can focus completely. Avoid waste time! For your own benefits, you need to start now.
Change the way of thinking from the inside out with "heart - consciousness - action" and you will be able to succeed in all areas.
“I don't worry about not having a good position;
I worry about the means I use to gain position.
I don't worry about being unknown;
I seek to be known in the right way.”
- Confucius - 

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